Q. When was Kudan established?

A. Kudan Limited was originally founded in Bristol, England in January 2011, and with the business expansion, Kudan Inc. was established in Tokyo, Japan in November 2014.
Kudan Limited is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Kudan Inc..

Q. Which stock exchange is Kudan listed on?

A. Kudan got listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers on December 19, 2018.

Q. What is the security code?

A, The security code is 4425.

Q. When does Kudan’s fiscal year end?

A. Kudan’s fiscal year ends at the end of March every year and interim financial results are reported at the end of September. Accordingly, we make official financial announcements in May and November.
We also disclose our business performance in every quarter.

Q. Where can I get to learn about Kudan’s historical business performance?

A. Please refer to Financial Results or Financial Information on our IR website.

Q. When is the ex-dividend date?

A. The ex-dividend date for the year-end dividend is the end of March, and the ex-dividend date for the interim dividend is the end of September.

Q. Does Kudan have a shareholder special benefit plan?

A. Currently, we do not provide a shareholder special benefit plan.

Q. What is the number of shares for single trading unit?

A. 100 shares
※Single trading unit indicates the smallest block of shares that investors can sell and buy.

Q. Whom should I contact regarding stock procedures, such as address change or share transfers?

A. Please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited that is Kudan’s shareholders registry administrator.

Q. When does Kudan hold its General Meeting of Shareholders?

A. The General Meeting of Shareholders is held in June every year. We will notify shareholders of detailed information including the date and venue at the beginning of June.

Q. How can I excercise my voting rights at the General Meeting of Shareholders?

We will send the Convocation Notice of General Meeting of Shareholders and the Voting Rights Exercise Form to all shareholders listed on the shareholder registry (as of March 31). The way to exercise your voting rights is the either of following:
(1) Please bring the Voting Rights Exercise Form with you and attend the General Meeting of Shareholders.
(2) Please indicate your approval or disapproval on the Voting Rights Exercise Form and return the form back.

Q. Where can I find contact info?

A. Please access here to make inquiries about Kudan’s IR activities.